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Ginota powers the future of business communication, enabling voice and SMS for your business via APIs.

SMS Gateway

With a powerful web-based SMS server, businesses can advertise and reach out to a huge audience via an SMS blast. Our online SMS gateway is able to reach a large pool of people within minutes, allowing for a hassle-free process.

SMS Broadcast

Our cloud SMS system supports SMS advertising where bulk SMS can be sent out. Via an intuitive user portal, mass texting/SMS can be easily and effortlessly executed, boosting productivity. The SMS API system makes it possible for our mobile messaging platform to fulfill various customized software needs that require messaging communications.

Ginota prides itself for our business knowledge in SMS marketing and excellent client service to deliver effective marketing solutions for your brand. Let's build something together. Connect to us and let us manage the rest. We offer the best rates and coverage.

OTP on phone
2FA impementation

Two-factor Authentication

Create an additional layer of security for authenticating your new subscribers sent via Ginota's SMS API.

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Concierge API

Concierge API

Effortless programming to introduce another layer of security with OTP.

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One Time Password

Prevent identity theft by creating unique one time password to complete new service transactions.

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RightHere Messenger

RightHere Messenger

Download the RightHere Messenger application to enjoy free messages sent from Ginota. RightHere Messenger is available now on Android and IOS.

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