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Being one of the top performing employment agencies, Maukerja is constantly looking forward to provide their customer with the upmost service and latest notification via Ginota SMS API.

Maukerja owns the latest and most updated job recruitment engine in Malaysia which offers thousands of career opportunities from both government and private sector jobs all over the country. Due to the huge number of applications to be processed, Maukerja maintains the efficiency in work to ensure things are in systematic procedure. That is why Maukerja has chosen Ginota’s SMS gateway to reach out to their customers on the job application notification. Token of appreciation message is also delivered to Maukerja’s customer via Ginota SMS platform to reflect that their application has been received and in process.

With the prompt assistance from Ginota’s 24 by 7 support team, Maukerja enjoys fuss-free delivery of SMS. Issues are resolved instantly with minimum effort and time without affecting the business revenue and customer experience.

Seamless communication with Ginota helps Maukerja to gradually build their customers' faith and satisfaction toward their job recruitment efficiency.

"Our experience with Ginota has been great. The SMSes sent have high success delivery rate and they're delivered in timely manner. And equally important, the support is outstanding. I feel I'm a special customer every time I'm contacting you guys for support."


Software Engineer of

Herdiva Online Fashion

When the popular online fashion mall, Herdivaonlinefashion needs to notify thousands of customers on their latest promotions, it turns to Ginota SMS.

Herdivaonlinefashion is one of the successful online fashion wholesale malls in Malaysia. Their commitment to bringing their customers high quality apparels with good customer service to enhance your shopping experience is paramount. To further strengthen Herdivaonlinefashion’s business needs, they have chosen Ginota as part of their SMS marketing strategy to reach their existing customers and at the same time broaden their subscriber’s database. Ginota, with its fast and reliable SMS gateway gave Herdivaonilefashion a much-needed boost in their mobile marketing solutions, from the ease of sending out millions of SMS at a single go for promotion messages, to reminders as well as updates from the boutique itself.

With the prompt assistant from Ginota’s 24 by 7 support team, Herdivaonlinefashion enjoys the fuss-free delivery of SMS. Issues are resolved instantly within minimum effort and time without affecting the business revenue.

Effective mobile marketing with Ginota help grows this online fashion business well.

"From the day I decided to use Ginota, the effect of SMS marketing has been more effective and reliable compared to than any other solution in the market."


Businessman and Owner of

Maha Bhunyo Amulets Trading

Maha Bhunyo has a wide range of customers of different races and languages but Ginota pairs the communication channel seamlessly.

Maha Bhunyo Amulets Trading has highly-ranked respected Thai monks who would frequently travel down to the centre for special praying session. At times, Maha Bhunyo’s owner, Maha Lim needs to notify his customers on the events in order to help those devouts from the Buddhist community to participate in the chanting sessions and receive blessings from the monks. The challenge is that from the list of hundreds MSISDN, it is almost impossible to differentiate between the customers who understand English and those that do not. Eventually, Maha Lim decided to use Ginota to solve his worries.

With Ginota’s flexible SMS platform, multi-language message can be crafted out and send in a bulk anytime without hassle. Details of the event are communicated effectively to his various customers through Ginota’s SMS gateway, thus resulting in setting up numerous successful charity events.

"Ginota solves my headache going through my contact list to send SMS in a hassle free, dynamic, and cost competitive manner."


Businessman and Owner of

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