Premium delivery at a wholesale price.
Seamless delivery made simpler with our SMS APIs.

Ginota Restful API

Start sending using our simple Ginota Restful API. With support for most coding languages, SMS delivery has
never been so easy.

Two-way SMS

Get a number or short code from us and start building two-way messaging capabilities in these countries. Please feel free to contact our sales representative here to get a number.

Ginota Concierge API

Provide a richer experience to your subscriber with our Ginota Concierge API. Capture their mobile number seamlessly without hassle via our SMS gateway.

Global Reach

Ginota is connected to 200+ countries and we ensure quality routes for your message delivery.
If your country isn't within our coverage, please contact us here.

Concatenated Messages

Messages longer than 160 characters are truncated to multiple parts and eventually restructured on the mobile device. Read more
about concatenated message handling in our FAQ.

Unicode Characters

Send SMS text messages in any language including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and 100+ other languages.

Handset Delivery Report

Delivery report provides real time status of your messages sent when supported by carriers. Report statuses can be queried using Ginota APIs or through the dashboard reports.

Best Preferred Route

Ginota's intelligent routing mechanism selects the best route to ensure premium delivery. We understand how important it is to be fast.

Messaging Queueing

Ginota supports high volume messages. Messages are queued in a "First In First Out" manner to ensure seamless delivery to the carriers.

24/7 Support

We're here to help. Our technical support team is available by voice and e-mail to answer questions and assist you 24/7 at no cost. Reach us by submitting a support ticket.

Speak to Our Experts

Our forum is the place for the experts. Discuss and get answers to your problems. If there is a need to send high volume SMSes, speak to a Ginota sales representative here.

Rich Analytics at Your Finger Tips

Access the subscriber dashboard to view analytics. Get clear insights and measurements for the quality of message delivery.

Why Two-way SMS ?

Email inquiries, please email us at for sales enquiries and for other enquiries.


Transaction Verification

Tighten enterprise security by sending online transaction verifications directly to your customer's mobile.

Surveys and Polling

Whether you're running election campaigns or conducting survey to explore the new market, text messaging is one of the most instant, effective, and cost efficient way of collecting large scale user data.

Text Message Auto-responder

Set up auto-replies to incoming SMS text messages to provide your customers with 24/7 service engagement experience.

Product Feedback

Gather valuable feedback from your customers instantly through text messages while you maximize your ROI using our Ginota analytic tools to measure the delivery ratio.

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