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Two-Factor Authentication

Create an additional layer of security for authenticating your new subscribers sent via Ginota's SMS API.

Two-Factor Authentication provides another layer of security process which requires the user to provide two means of identification. The combination of these identifications is used to authenticate the user. A good example is the authentication of a newly created account. Typically, the user's given email address and mobile number make up the two means of identification. The user's account will be successfully created if the user can provide information sent to the user via email and via SMS back to the authentication system.

Ginota uses Two-Factor Authentication for new subscriber registration. Register for a Ginota account now to experience the real Two-factor Authentication.

Concierge API

Effortless programming to introduce another layer of security with OTP.

With Ginota Concierge API, you can now discover the mobile numbers of your customers and introduce OTP to your app with effortless programming.

To discover the mobile numbers of your customers, there are several ways to do it.

By including just a few lines of our easy-to-use API into your application (or as part of your authentication process), your customers will be asked to enter their mobile numbers which will then be authenticated via an OTP SMS sent to them. One of the easiest ways is by sending an email to the user as part of validation, requesting the user to provide the valid phone number. The subscriber's mobile number is required to be authenticated first before any password or passcode will be sent by the serving client.

Contact us now to start using Ginota Concierge API for your OTP verification and/or mobile number discovery needs.

One Time Password

Prevent Identity theft by creating unique one time password to complete new service transactions.

A password is usually used together with a user name for authenticating any account or transaction. With One-Time Password (OTP), the password is valid only for one session or transaction. This passwords are generated by the client based on a mathematical algorithm and can be used only for a short period of time. In most cases, the password will be delivered to the user requesting the One-Time Password as a SMS or in some cases a voice call. This reduces the vulnerability of a potential intruder who attempts to access an account or complete a transaction as the password changes over time.

One-time Password (OTP) is can also be used together with Two-Factor Authentication. Ginota's passcode for Two-Factor Authentication is a One-Time Password (OTP). Register for a Ginota account now to experience the real One-Time Password.

Password Retrieval

Allow your subscriber to retrive passwords by receiving SMS on their registered mobile phone.

Having trouble accessing an account is often linked to a forgetten password. To recover the account, there are several validation processes that will require validation to reset the account's password. One of the easiest way of resetting the password is by retrieving a new password or a reset passcode via the email. The subscriber's mobile number is required to be authenticated first before any password or passcode will be sent by the serving client.

RightHere Messenger

Download the RightHere Messenger application to enjoy free messages sent from Ginota. RightHere Messenger is available now on Android and IOS.

RightHere Messenger was launched by Right Here Media as the most personalised smartphone messenger. Apart from its instant messaging functionality, it has a community platform where you can discover interesting deals and promotions by following your favourite channel markets.

By integrating with Ginota, the hybrid messaging functionality provides users with an additional option apart from using conventional SMS. The recipient can receive One-Time Password or any campaign messages on the RightHere Messenger. Messages sent to RightHere Messenger is free.

RightHere Messenger is available on Android Google Play and Apple AppStore, go check it out now!

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