Ginota Delivery Receipt

A Delivery Receipt (DLR), also known as Delivery Report, is a special type of message which indicates the final state of a SMS.


Requesting Delivery Receipt

A Delivery Receipt is not requested by default for every SMS submission. The DLR parameter must set to ‘1’ in your Ginota SMS API request:

ParameterDescriptionExample Values
dlr Indicates whether a delivery receipt (DLR) is requested for this message where:
  • 0: No (default)
  • 1: Yes
Note: DLR Callback URL should be configured under Profile > API Settings before enable delivery receipt.

DLR Callback Request

In order to receive a DLR, Ginota is required to create a HTTP GET request (by default) to your application or web system. A DLR Callback URL must be configured under your Ginota account Profile > API Settings.


Once Ginota receives a delivery receipt, a HTTP DLR callback request will be made to your DLR Callback URL with following parameters described below:

messageId Unique ID to match against the ID returned in the SMS API response.
deliveryStatus Delivery Receipt status code. (For other DLR status codes, please refer to DLR Status Code section below)
desc Description of DLR status code.
srcAddr Sender ID of the message.
dstAddr Destination mobile number.
txnRef Unique internal transaction reference supplied by user in the API request.
Sample DLR Callback Request of a Delivered SMS

DLR Status Code

Status CodeDescriptionDefinition
0 Delivered Message is successfully delivered to handset.
1 Expired Message has expired and could not be delivered within validity period.
3 Undeliverable Message cannot be sent. This could happen due to various reasons such as queue overflow, unreachable/unknown destination handset and etc.
4 Accepted Message is successfully accepted by the mobile operator.
5 Unknown Unknown status. This could happen when mobile operator returned a non-standard status code or no status has been returned.
6 Rejected Message is rejected. This usually happens due to invalid message or insufficient balance.

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