Sending an Email

To send a mobile number verification email via Ginota Genuine SMS API is common and simple. Login to Ginota portal, get your Ginota account API Key and API Secret from your Dashboard > Messaging and start creating a HTTP GET or POST request as described in Genuine SMS API Request.

Making a HTTP Request

For easy understanding, HTTP GET will be used in all examples. To create a HTTP GET request, form a URL by appending mandatory parameter=value pairs, each separated by an ampersand (&) to Ginota Genuine SMS API Request's Endpoint URL:

Example - Plain Email Request & Response (HTTP GET)

To send an email to Jessica Anderson with the email address of

Mandatory ParameterValue in RequestDescription
apiKey GinotaAPIKey Your Ginota Account API Key (URL-encoded)
apiSecret GinotaAPISecret Your Ginota Account API Secret (URL-encoded)
email The subscriber's email
sName Jessica+Anderson The subscriber's name (URL-encoded)

An example of successful response in json format:

HTTP Header 200 OK
Content {
status : "0",
parts : 1,
messageId : "8FB553725A22"

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