Genuine Concierge API Response

Ginota Concierge API returns a response in 2 parts:

  • HTTP Header Status (typically with a HTTP status code 200 OK to indicate successful API call)
  • HTTP Content (In JSON format)

Successful SMS Send Response

A standard successful SMS Send Response shall return status code as '0' and a unique messageId to identify each SMS send request:

HTTP Header 200 OK
Content {
status : "0",
parts : 1,
messageId : "18D64EC1EADD"

Error Response: Insufficient balance

HTTP Header 200 OK
Content {
status : "44",

Response Attributes

status Status code. '0' indicates Successful Request. (For Error codes, please refer to Error Response Code section below)
requestId Unique ID to identify a successful email send request. Used to trace and match against the ID returned in Delivery Receipt.
desc Description of the request status.

Error Response Code

Response CodeDescriptionCauses
1 Invalid request Missing mandatory input parameter or input data is invalid.
2 System error Internal error related to database interaction or routing.
3 System busy Ginota gateway is busy in delivering messages.
4 Destination address unreachable The destination number cannot be identified as it is not associated to any supported country by Ginota or is in incorrect format.
7 Access denied The API Key and API Secret is either unavailable, inactive or invalid in Ginota.
(Note: Both values are case sensitive and value of API Key has been URL-encoded)
21 Invalid source address The alphanumeric support feature is not set up for your account.
22 Invalid destination address The routing of destination number is not set up for your account.
23 Invalid message Message content appears to be an empty string.
24 Message too long Message content exceeds message size limits of Ginota.
25 Contains banned words Message content is rejected due to suspected banned words used.
27 Destination address blacklisted The destination number has been blacklisted.
28 Destination address not whitelisted Whitelist feature is enabled for your account. This destination number is not whitelisted.
41 Invalid account Invalid account in billing engine.
42 Account suspended Your account is under inactive status.
44 Insufficient balance Your account balance is insufficient to send out the SMS created/scheduled.
50 Duplicate subscriber Subscriber has already existed.
51 Invalid subscriber Subscriber does not existed.

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