Sending a SMS

To send a SMS via Ginota SMS API is common and simple. Login to Ginota portal, get your Ginota account API Key and API Secret from your Dashboard > Messaging and start creating a HTTP GET or POST request as described in API Request.


Making a HTTP Request

For easy understanding, HTTP GET will be used in all examples. To create a HTTP GET request, form a URL by appending mandatory parameter=value pairs, each separated by an ampersand (&) to Ginota SMS API Request's Endpoint URL:


Example - Plain SMS Request & Response (HTTP GET)

To send a SMS, Hello Ginota to 60123456789 with sender id as Ginota:

Mandatory ParameterValue in RequestDescription
apiKey GinotaAPIKey Your Ginota Account API Key
apiSecret GinotaAPISecret Your Ginota Account API Secret
srcAddr Ginota The sender id
dstAddr 60123456789 The destination mobile number
content Hello+Ginota The message content (URL-encoded)

An example of successful response in json format:

HTTP Header 200 OK
Content {
status : "0",
parts : 1,
messageId : "8FB553725A22"

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